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1- Galerie D' art Nader-where Art is Simply Enchanting

2- Haitiantreasures As a nature's lover, I've been always fascinated by the wonders of nature. Over the past 10 years, I visited many places in Haiti and I had the opportunity to see some fascinating spots where even astonishing history has left its footprints. Ever since, I've been inspired and tempted to capture on video as well as in pictures incredible landscapes.

3- John Garçon Official Web Site

4-  Crafts World of Fair-trader Drexco and to its skilled Haitian Artisans...

5-  Despite the hardships and political trauma suffered by this country, Haiti remains a wellspring of creativity and imagination...

6-   L'Haiti de mon enfance fut une felle feerie de couleurs et de soleil...

7-   Florida based Haitian Art Gallery...

8- Ed Wah Calfou Art Studio Sometimes artits never say a word to express their true feeling...
9- Espace Loas - Centre d'Art Haitien  This Haitian Art centre permanently features varied facets of Haitian art: paintings, sculptures, metal art (drums cut out and hammered) by the "Bosmetal", flags, etc.
10- Art haitien et culture haitienne à Paris  GALERIE ANTOINETTE JEAN  Lieu de Culture Haïtienne
11- CaribArt - Haitian & Caribbean Art   
12- Studioblondel  My art brings messages of struggle, love, and peace. As a messenger from the unknown, I acknowledge that we exist in different realities, I have found a way to express what cannot be said in words...more  
13-  The Haitian Art Factory  I am Gislaine Rameau Bastien, owner of the Art Gallery. I hope you enjoy our collection of fine and exotic Haitian art, such as these two pieces below.
14- - Haitian Art Source  We are the largest Haitian art gallery in the United States with over five thousand square
15- Tropical Art le spécialiste de la peinture naive haitienne. The haitian painting specialist..,.. New to us
16- Pa Gen Pain . com  
17-  Haitian Art Online My name is Gilbert, and I would like to introduce you the cultural heritage of my beautiful country and show you selected examples of traditional as well as contemporary Haitian art.  
18- Haitian Painting  - Haitian art, paintings, ceramic, sculptures.
19- KlodeArt Michele Claude Garoute started painting at the early age of 5 years old and everyone thought it was an ephemeral thing. As time would show however, a visit with her father  (Tiga) in New York 1991 reaffirmed her true love for art and brought out Klode the artist. 

20- Ernsly Haiti art

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